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Is letting my child just play of benefit or just wasting time?

link this post written on 28/08/2013
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I find that lately people are constantly 'entertaining' their kids and putting them in classes so those children can learn and not waste time larking about or doing 'nothing'. I remember that during the summer holidays I was rarely entertained or put in a summer school and the summer holidays were the best days of my life as a child! The adventures and the games we created, especially the ones that developed from being sooooooo bored we ended up making a game from something completely random!

I give my daughter so much time to play freely and chose her toys/games, for her to decide to what to do, and when some play is created there is anbundance of learning to be had, not only the satisfaction for my daughter that she has created a fun game where she is testing herself, creating something new or repeating a game she loves over and over, but the actual learning - language skills, there might be counting, building, confidence building, risk assessing and all lead by my daughter.

I worry that I'm in the minority and therefore am I wrong? Or is my daughter one of the lucky ones?

I am at my best when I have been given the opportunity to use my initiative, to test myself, to direct my path and assess my own outcomes - shouldn't that be the same for children?


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